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We should consider the following points while testing any Web application:

1) Who are the users of the application and what is the motive behind the application?

2) The overall UI of the application should be catchy and impressive.

3) Home Page UI should be designed in a way that it should give the overview of the application and should depend upon the major features & contents of the application.

4) Appearancewise we should test the consistant layout , look & feel.
For ex: We should maintain the consistancy between color, font types, page title, Status bar Messages, Maximise/Minimise/Resize Window.

5) Navigation : In this we should mainly test the Pagination Pattern, Bread-crumps, links.

6) We should focus and emphasize on clear indication of current page and all kind of validations.

7) We should take care of the Header & Footer position and its contents.

8 ) The most important thing is that Web application should be fast in speed and efficient enough for better performance.

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Web Application Testing


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