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“Software Testing” is a process used to measure the quality of the developed software.

The recent revolution in how the S/W is created comes not from Programming language or Code organisation but from how Testing & QA (Quality Assurance) are accomplished.

Usually quality is constrained in such topics as Correctness, Completeness, Security.
There are some other factors too such as, Capability, Relibility, Compability, Efficiancy, Portability, Maintainability and Usability as specified by ISO Standard under ISO 9126.

In my view, Software Testing is not merely finding the bugs or defects in the Software, but it is completely dedicated to the descipline of evaluating the quality of Software.
Software can not be shipped to the customer, unless it is verified by QA Team.

I found many people confused with Validation & Verification. There is a bias of Views between the order of Validation & Verification. Some say that Validation comes before Verification & viceversa.

In my view, Verification comes before Validation.

Verification – In Verification, we first verify that “Have we built the Software right?” It also can be called as the Specification about the S/W.

Validation – In Validation, we can check “Have we built the right Software?” We can call it like whether our developed product is upto the level to fulfil Customer requirements.

So these were some of the Basic Fundas just to clearify the curiosity about what exactly Software Testing & Quality Assurance is!

I will get back to you soon with some more stuff about the “Software Testing” 🙂


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