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What is a Test Plan ?

A test plan is a systematic approach to testing a system such as a machine or software. The plan typically contains a detailed understanding of what the eventual workflow will be.
It can also be defined as the high level testing documents that describe test project.
Test plan includes :
1. Scope of Testing
2. Schedule : It contains Test Strategy or Approach.
3. Test Deliverables
4. Release Criteria
5. Risks and Contingencies

What is a Test Case ?

The good test case is one which has maximum probability of finding the bugs.
The test cases should be good enough explanator, because problem well stated means its half solved.
“The essential value of any test case lies in its ability to provide information (i.e. to reduce uncertainty).”
Test Cases usually have the following components.

* Test Case Summary
* Configuration
* Initial Condition
* Steps to run the test case
* Expected behavior/outcome
* Priority

Click here for Test case format.


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