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Hello Friends,

Orkut-CodeMunch App

Orkut-CodeMunch App

Today I found a great application on Orkut, called CodeMunch. It’s a useful app as we can edit,update and showcase our resume in Orkut profile. Follow the simple steps : Add ‘CodeMunch’ app > complete your CodeMunch profile and your resume will appear on your Orkut profile.
Plus the bonus advantage is that we can share our resume with friends,fellow geeks and potential recruiters from Orkut! Isn’t it great friends?

I think it’s the best way to promote our resume and maintain our Personal as well as Professional Profile on the same platform, who knows a new job opportunity is hanging around! 🙂

So couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with you all.

Click on the link below to add CodeMunch app in your Orkut Profile :


Happy Munching 🙂



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