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The best thing that ever happened to me…MY MOM…everything that i am…i owe it to her…!! The countless smiles…the robust support…the happiest of all my memories…all given by her…Love you Mom..u mean the world..n much more..thanks for giving me “myself”:)

Happy Mother’s Day…Love you Mom 🙂


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Eat fruits, be healthy :)

It says... Eat fruits, be healthy 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂 Wear green, glo green 🙂


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C o l o r s . . .

C o l o r s . . .

Color… One of the most marvelous things on earth that God made possible for man to appreciate. A lot of animals cannot distinguish between different colors because of their biological limitations. Man, on the other hand, can see colors and enjoys the fact that he can see them. The colors in the festival of HOLI, the vibrant colors of nature in spring, fall, winter etc. seasons are some of the things that Man enjoys.

Can you imagine a world with only black or white colors? Absolutely NOT! We have been living this colorful life ever since we were born. So, it’s kind of hard for us to stay away from these colors that add more spice & brightness to our lives.

Its man’s psychology…White has always signified everything pure and clean and black has always been associated with the dark…Ok I don’t know why I mentioned that; but if you look at history all the colonies were ruled by white people be it the French or the English and in their servitude were the dark/colored people. This was not for a couple of years but for a few centuries. So the mindset that the white/fair people are superior is still present in today’s developing countries (those who were ruled formerly by the “whites”) albeit subconsciously. So everyone here wants to ape them or be like them. And this is just not limited only to color but to a lot of different things like clothes mannerisms etc.

I would like to share a poem which was nominated for Best Poem of 2006, written by an African Kid :

When I Born, I Black

When I grow up, I Black

When I go in sun, I Black

When I sick, I Black, and

When I die, I still Black

And U White fella,

When u born, u pink

When u grow up, u white

When u go in sun, u red

When u cold, u blue

When u Scared, u yellow

When u sick, u green, and

When u die, u gray

And——— —–

You calling me colored???

How far is it justified to differentiate between all of us who are God’s own creation?


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