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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago,  there were homing pigeons, postal service, telegrams n telephones.
And now, all the primitive forms of staying in touch have snowballed, picked up speed and evolved into a communication phenomenon we call
Orkut. It started out as a proper noun- the name of an online social networking site. But it has become so popular and so massive that it has morphed into its own verb, as “OK, I’ll just Orkut (scrap) you about that later.”

Orkut is a magical place on the World Wide Web where you can find nearly anyone you’ve ever met in your entire life. And they can find you.
Your first love, your last boss, your third cousin you have never met and nearly everyone on your Diwali card list is there.
If you have a pulse and can operate a computer, you should be probably on Orkut. After all everybody is doing it. (And, no, If everybody is
jumping off the bridge, you wouldn’t do that too. But I’m pretty sure Orkut and bridge-jumping are two entirely different things.)

I have been Orkutting for about 5 years now and I find it very much interesting. It was even more fun when invitations from old friends and
classmates started appearing in my inbox 🙂
Initially there was a lot of Skepticism about Orkut, but now with the addition of new privacy features, it has gained the trust and attention
of media. For ex. we can decide who should view/write in our scrapbook, see our Photos/Videos etc.
Not to forget the addition of third party widgets or applications (Add Apps) on Orkut, that makes it even more entertaining and engaging.
Of course, Orkut isn’t the only Social Network in town, but it is the most user friendly, simple and interactive.

Nevertheless a college student’s hobby project has now turned into a billion-dollar company that has people of all ages typing, updating,
connecting, “friending” and Orkutting until the wee hours of the morning.

Who needs homing pigeons, postal service or telegrams? Clicking the “Share” button is so much faster!

Happy Living 🙂



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Hello Friends,

Orkut-CodeMunch App

Orkut-CodeMunch App

Today I found a great application on Orkut, called CodeMunch. It’s a useful app as we can edit,update and showcase our resume in Orkut profile. Follow the simple steps : Add ‘CodeMunch’ app > complete your CodeMunch profile and your resume will appear on your Orkut profile.
Plus the bonus advantage is that we can share our resume with friends,fellow geeks and potential recruiters from Orkut! Isn’t it great friends?

I think it’s the best way to promote our resume and maintain our Personal as well as Professional Profile on the same platform, who knows a new job opportunity is hanging around! 🙂

So couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with you all.

Click on the link below to add CodeMunch app in your Orkut Profile :


Happy Munching 🙂


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