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C o l o r s . . .

C o l o r s . . .

Color… One of the most marvelous things on earth that God made possible for man to appreciate. A lot of animals cannot distinguish between different colors because of their biological limitations. Man, on the other hand, can see colors and enjoys the fact that he can see them. The colors in the festival of HOLI, the vibrant colors of nature in spring, fall, winter etc. seasons are some of the things that Man enjoys.

Can you imagine a world with only black or white colors? Absolutely NOT! We have been living this colorful life ever since we were born. So, it’s kind of hard for us to stay away from these colors that add more spice & brightness to our lives.

Its man’s psychology…White has always signified everything pure and clean and black has always been associated with the dark…Ok I don’t know why I mentioned that; but if you look at history all the colonies were ruled by white people be it the French or the English and in their servitude were the dark/colored people. This was not for a couple of years but for a few centuries. So the mindset that the white/fair people are superior is still present in today’s developing countries (those who were ruled formerly by the “whites”) albeit subconsciously. So everyone here wants to ape them or be like them. And this is just not limited only to color but to a lot of different things like clothes mannerisms etc.

I would like to share a poem which was nominated for Best Poem of 2006, written by an African Kid :

When I Born, I Black

When I grow up, I Black

When I go in sun, I Black

When I sick, I Black, and

When I die, I still Black

And U White fella,

When u born, u pink

When u grow up, u white

When u go in sun, u red

When u cold, u blue

When u Scared, u yellow

When u sick, u green, and

When u die, u gray

And——— —–

You calling me colored???

How far is it justified to differentiate between all of us who are God’s own creation?



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Married people like to hang out with other married people, but not just any other married couple will do. When you go out as a group, you want everyone to get along and like each other. You want the conversation to be easy and laughs to be frequent. But finding the right couple to hang out with requires a test-drive. Some couples just seem to click while others don’t.

Typically women set up these double dates. When women became friends, we want our husbands to be buddies, too. So we ask each other questions and hope to find common ground between our guys. Maybe they both play cricket or they’re both into cars or they do the same type of work. We don’t really care what it is. We just need one little link of commonality to get the ball rolling.

So often we arrange the potluck parties, festival get-togethers, weekend day-outs, birthday/anniversary celebrations and women’s noon tea parties because we can get to know new people and if the “frequency” is matched…make new friends. I have observed a lot of shades in human nature through all these activities. Some people are so enthusiastic in the beginning that they would often arrange such get-togethers, call just to say “Hi” n converse friendly but after some days they would behave so reserved. Some of them would just talk about their kids as if that is the only topic left for communication in the world! – Which is so boring for newly married couples like us 🙂 (This is just a general opinion…No offense plz) many fellows are so talkative that they hardly give a chance to others to talk or listen what others are saying while some of them are so introverts n quiet that a word from them is indeed surprising to the group! 😉 Gossip mongers, pessimists, sluggishness, enviousness are a big turn-off. That’s why I emphasized from the start about the “frequency” which should be matched for friendship.

Apparently, I have also seen people with good sense of humor, go-getters who make the environment pleasant just by being around, friendly without any “attitude”, willing to listen to others, helping and encouraging each other and enjoying each moment as it comes. Amazingly so many shades of human nature in We-the people!

I believe every one of us should be inquisitive enough or at least aware of common topics, current affairs to talk. The conversation becomes more enjoyable if the other party also has an ear for music, an eye for movies, good taste in novels/reading, interest in sports or indoor games and like to nourish their hobbies. We have got a nice group of friends; we arrange get-togethers and spend a quality time on weekend with good food 🙂

Last weekend was great. Weather was so pleasant; we’ve been at a lake with few other families. The kids had fun, so the grown-ups did. We had a pot-luck (generally “Pot-luck” parties are like treats for hubbys as they get to taste variety of delicious food ;)) we did boating there, played UNO, badminton and clicked many snaps. That was fun! We told them we’d love it if they come back again sometime and I hope they’ll take us up on it.

We stay here away from our country, our people, family, and friends. So it’s that much more important for us to build a strong network of friends – people to laugh with, people to learn from and people to keep us company on this adventure we call “Life”.

Happy Living 🙂


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“Weather is good today..looks like a sunny day, honey. We can go n check out some living room sets” my hubby said to me. “Okay dear, we will start in an hour or so”
We both being very much choosy, visited many shops n searched for the furniture. If I liked the sofa, he would not like the coffee table with it. If he insisted on some sofa fabric, I would have a better color n design option in mind. so…after the long discussion with my better half, our search ended and we both nailed down on a complete living room set. It was a decent micro suede fabric sofa+love seat with leather base, matching wooden+glass coffee table with end tables. With the negotiation & formalities getting over, the Living room set was ours finally 🙂 The dealer was also happy for selling the furniture at a good deal and we were happier as it was going to be delivered to our home next day morning 🙂
It was a sunny Sunday morning and our furniture arrived! We were surprised to see that it was the dealer himself who came up to deliver it. In USA, its people’s thinking that “No work is a small work” Here children start working at the age of 16, they work at pizza huts, Subways, coffee shops, many kids clean up neighbor’s backyard garden as the “Summer job”! No matter what age they are or how rich their parents are. Reason, everybody likes to be independent here. Work really is worship for them and they are not ashamed of it if its a small work. Apparently in my place back home, if somebody’s son/daughter is doing some small job for living, I have seen people cursing their parents for it and even parents feel ashamed of it, if their kids are working just as a vacation job. (eg. “Khari Kamai” program during school summer vacation)
These thoughts startled in my mind watching the dealer’s teenager son and wife helping him move stuff. When I asked him about why his family accompanied him today, he said that they have gone to church before coming at our place. Americans never miss their Sunday church prayer.

While I was preparing parathas, the furniture was all set in our home. We invited them for the breakfast too. After insisting, they agreed to come. They hadn’t tasted Indian food before, so I was curious how they will find it. I served the hot Aloo parathans with yogurt. “This might be somewhat spicy for you” I said to them. While my husband was talking to them, I prepared two more parathaas and they really liked it. We both were glad to know that they knew a lot about India and Indian culture and now they like the Indian food too 😉
While leaving they said to us “We had heard about Indian culture n how they treat their guests as God.” the dealer tried to recall something and said, “Atithi Devo Bhava” that’s what you call and is very true. We appreciate it!” and happy heartedly they left our home. We said B-bye to them. So, this was one of the content weekends and yes, we hosted our first American guests too. “Atithi Devo Bhava..” I felt proud to hear that. I was so happy to know that our Indian culture is known and appreciated all over the world!

Happy Living…

Shruti 🙂

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One day while browsing through a social networking site, I came across a very interesting poll.. which was thought provoking enough to make me think logically as well as emotionally.
What do you think is the fastest – Time, speed of light or thoughts?

According to Einstein’s theories, time is relative, and it depends on the speed at which one travels.
However Light takes such a short time (about 0.000005 seconds, in fact) to travel one mile.

I think “Thoughts” are the fastest… they can reach at any corner of the world within moments!!!
We can complete the journey of Past, Present, Future…. within no time. One moment I am here at my home enjoying a cup of coffee on a warm evening, another moment I can reach India to my family, friends. Many times I like to ponder upon the past memories and golden days of my life. Who doesn’t like to remember their most treasured days? The innocent childhood, mischievous schooldays, rocking college days, those “latest” crushes ;), stupid-stupid fights, happening celebrations with friends, those birthday bumps n mostly awaited birthday parties, getting late for classes, bunking lectures and then hanging out in canteen, fun filled gatherings, late-night chats, that “day dreaming”, sweet-stolen moments of the first love, preparing for exam and then parting with pals somberly after the final year, hunting for jobs, busy “Professional” life and that memorable reunion with old buddies 🙂
Hughhh!! whenever I think of it… seems like it has happened just yesterday! I am sure most of you too have reminisced your “HAPPY DAYS” of life till now.
Same theory can be applied for future. Astrologers say that pisceans are the most dreamy and imaginative persons, but I think this quality is there in everyone of us… more or less we all like to imagine about that special place in our heart, the corner which is reserved only for “ourselves”. And we all dream about our future, don’t we? The one who doesn’t dream can not achieve anything according to me. Coz when we dream about something, we aspire to achieve it and we can get it done through our imagination, hard work and some percent of luck…as they say “Luck by Chance!” 😉
So… these are our “Thoughts” which seems to occur instantly and have no barrier of time, space and boundaries.

What do you think, who wins the Race?

-Shruti 🙂

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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago,  there were homing pigeons, postal service, telegrams n telephones.
And now, all the primitive forms of staying in touch have snowballed, picked up speed and evolved into a communication phenomenon we call
Orkut. It started out as a proper noun- the name of an online social networking site. But it has become so popular and so massive that it has morphed into its own verb, as “OK, I’ll just Orkut (scrap) you about that later.”

Orkut is a magical place on the World Wide Web where you can find nearly anyone you’ve ever met in your entire life. And they can find you.
Your first love, your last boss, your third cousin you have never met and nearly everyone on your Diwali card list is there.
If you have a pulse and can operate a computer, you should be probably on Orkut. After all everybody is doing it. (And, no, If everybody is
jumping off the bridge, you wouldn’t do that too. But I’m pretty sure Orkut and bridge-jumping are two entirely different things.)

I have been Orkutting for about 5 years now and I find it very much interesting. It was even more fun when invitations from old friends and
classmates started appearing in my inbox 🙂
Initially there was a lot of Skepticism about Orkut, but now with the addition of new privacy features, it has gained the trust and attention
of media. For ex. we can decide who should view/write in our scrapbook, see our Photos/Videos etc.
Not to forget the addition of third party widgets or applications (Add Apps) on Orkut, that makes it even more entertaining and engaging.
Of course, Orkut isn’t the only Social Network in town, but it is the most user friendly, simple and interactive.

Nevertheless a college student’s hobby project has now turned into a billion-dollar company that has people of all ages typing, updating,
connecting, “friending” and Orkutting until the wee hours of the morning.

Who needs homing pigeons, postal service or telegrams? Clicking the “Share” button is so much faster!

Happy Living 🙂


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Hello Friends,

After a long time I am writing the blog… and what a day to choose! – “April Fools Day!” 🙂

Everybody was aware of April Fool Virus… first I thought somebody must be cracking a joke or planning to fool on 1st April; but Alas! The
news was very true and soon it started spreading all over the world! Experts said that this warm aka Conficker.c program to be specific could
delete all of the files on a person’s computer, use zombie PCs — those controlled by a master — to overwhelm and shut down Web sites or
monitor a person’s keyboard strokes to collect private information like passwords or bank account information. The Conficker, strain C, will
generate 50,000 URLs per day instead of just 250 when it becomes active. Microsoft has declared $250,000 bounty for the one who finds this
malicious software program’s author. I updated my Antivirus Program as advised.

So finally… the 1st of April came!  My day starts with the gym everyday. Today I thought to work-out for some more time n burn few more
calories as couple of days back it was my birthday and the calories in the Cake were still dancing in my mind! 🙂
Then.. came home, switched the coffeemaker and toaster ON, took some cereals in the bowl with milk n apple and started checking my mails. I
saw some April Fool forwards in my mailbox..which got me nostalgic about my childhood April Fools’ Day with the fear of this “April fool Warm”…
“Hughhh… today’s gonna be a different day!”, I said to myself. I didn’t watch online movies, missed my favorite serials on Online TV, didn’t
do any e-shopping and transactions whole the day. Internet has been perhaps most outstanding innovation in field of communication in history
of mankind. Since quite a while.. I have been “addicted” to surfing to be frank; so one day with less use of Internet made me think…. what
will I do?

I thought with the my side of coin and decided to spend this day completing all the pending jobs.

  • Its spring time and I wanted to plant some plants… though I have never done this before I thought why not do it now? So I brought some nice plants n seeds and planted them.
  • I finished reading my favorite novel.
  • Tried a new dish as I love cooking 🙂
  • Listened to divine music.
  • and last but not the least blogged this article, which is one of my hobbies 🙂

This way I spent my day doing the things I always wanted to do; which were pending till now saying “I will do it one day, some day..”
I would say.. that someday-one day is “NOW”. Do it right away! And . . . my “April fool Day” was really happy, content and a good one 🙂

Hope you will like “My Side of Coin”.

All kind of comments and suggestions are welcome!!

Happy Living 🙂

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