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Friends… I have seen in many places that more importance is given to Automated Testing than Manual Testing,it is a doubt in every tester’s mind as they move ahead in career. I have attended some Testing Forums about it as well.. but everyone has their own opinion about it. I strongly believe that both the types of testing methods are equally important at their side.

Some tests inherently require an automated approach to be effective, but others must be manual.
Generally Automated testing tools are quite expensive and only big MNCs can afford to buy them… in that case they use the Automation testing and things can be automated only if the environment is conducive and the tasks are repetitive. If there is an activity which requires a human intervention / supervision, it cannot be automated. More ever automation can be done only if few things are stabilized. But an effective automation tester can sprout only if he / she has adequate manual testing experience.

But small scale companies can not afford the expensive Automation testing tools, therefore they follow Manual Testing method. In this method each & every module of the application is tested thoroughly by the tester. If it is a constantly changing application, then Manual Testing makes sense.

I would say Manual & Automated both the testings are sides of the same coin. Manual testing serves as a stepping stone for automation testing. If a tester hasn’t done much of manual testing, he can’t hone his automation skills.


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