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.NET Technology –

.NET is a boom these days in the market. A better career option if you like developing Websites or related Web Applications (Using ASP.Net).
Friends… Many courses are available in .Net that can give you ample amount of Study materials and knowledge in this technology but believe me you can’t be a Proficient in this unless you start working on this. I am telling you this out of my own experience.
Ok I would like to share with you some of the basics about .NET –

First of all I found many misconceptions about .NET, ASP.Net that these are kinds of languages by most of the folks. But these are the technologies not languages.
.Net is a latest vision/technology about how people collect the information from various sources and distribute it over the internet.
We can create three types of applications using .NET –

1)Console Application
2)Web Application
3)Windows Application

.Net was developed to overcome Java.

Some of the major advantages of .NET are as follows,

  • It is sharper than C++
  • .Net has its own command prompt
  • It supports multiple languages (VB, C#, J#, VC++)
  • It supports OOPS Concepts
  • .NET provides users “NGWS” Next Generation Windows Services.
  • It has a very useful & customized IDE ( Integrated Development Environment)
  • COM+ Component
  • CLR (Common Language Runtime)

Components of .NET Framework

There are 3 basic components of .NET Framework –

1)Framework class

1)Framework class –

A framework class is having all the inbuilt interfaces, inbuilt methods and classes.
Like in C and C++, we are having inbuilt libraries like , , etc
and inbuilt methods like ‘printf()’, ‘scanf()’.

Base class of all the classes, interfaces and methods is “SYSTEM”.
.NET is language independent but not platform independent because Linux doesn’t support

2)CLR (Common Language Runtime) –

It is the “Heart of the .NET” . CLR is used for making unmanaged code as managed one.
It does the task of running, building and deploying application.
Deploying means making setup of the application and making it capable of running on any Operating System.
CLR is an execution environment just like JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

3)ASP.Net –

It is an advanced technology that we can use in .NET environment to develop our web application.
ASP.Net is more advanced than ASP i.e. Active Server Pages.

We can differentiate ASP and ASP.Net simply as-

In ASP, designing page and coding page is mixed i.e. It uses “In-Page Technique” for developing the application and saves the programs using extension as .asp
Whereas ASP.NET uses the “Out-Page Technique” , means different pages for designing and coding of the application and uses the extension as .aspx
It can also use the “In-Page” technique for designing the application.
The “Out-Page” Technique increases the security of the application.

ASP.Net is used to develop the Web Applications.
It uses the default Web Server as IIS (Internet Information Server/Services).

ASP.Net is a pure “Client-Server” based technology.


Folks, these were some of the basics the very popular technology which is the “hot-cake” of the IT-World these days.
If you have some queries or suggestions, then you are Welcome with your comments.



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