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While testing the application you will need to select the severity and priority of the bug. It helps developer to fix the bug according to its need and priority. Different Severity and Priority levels communicate the bugs.

Priority –

  • P1 – FIX the bug ASAP

  • P2 – Bug can be fixed before release

  • P3 – We can fix the bug after release too

  • P4 – The bug is very minor, can be fixed whenever possible.

In general the assignment of priorities may vary depending upon the release date.

Severity –

  • Blocker
  • Critical
  • Major
  • Normal
  • Minor
  • Trivial (Also known as Cosmetic)
  • Enhancement (Suggestions)

1) Define Low priority and High severity Bug :

Suppose that some functionality blocks the application but not needed for current deliverable that is Highest severity and Lowest priority.


2) Define High priority and Low severity Bug :

For example client asks to change the Label of a button for current deliverable then that is a highest priority and Lowest severity.


3) Define High priority and High severity Bug :

Any functionality which blocks the application & that is needed for rhe current deliverable too, then that is a High priority and High severity.

In general Severity means it has Blocker condition for an application and Priority means it has critical condition for current deliverable.

Hope this article help you out guys 🙂


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Friends… today I am going to write about some axioms of the Software Testing.
First of all the word “axiom” – It means a self evident or universally recognized truth.
An established rule/principle or law.

We should always keep in mind one thing as NEVER say that “The Software (Product) is tested completely!” Followed by it as “There are no BUGS in it!” These kind of statements will definitely result in many harsh issues. See “To err is human!” No entity in this world will be without defects or bugs!
So avoid using the above mentioned 2 terms for the S/W Product.

Following are some Software Testing Axioms –

  • It is impossible to test the program completely.
  • Software Testing is Risk based exercise.
  • Testing can’t show the bugs that doesn’t exist.
  • The more bugs you find, the more bugs are there.
  • Not all the bugs you find will be fixed.
  • Product specifications are never fixed.

Kindly let me know your views about these articles.

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