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Frozen Lake

Frozen Lake

Winter Storm can make the running water frozen….

Old age of trees in winter Snowfall...

Old age of trees in winter Snowfall...

Not a Wallpaper!

Now I know why the nature in its various colors and conditions makes artists and everyone fall in love with it!

Poets write poems, Painters portray it in beautiful paintings, Photographers capture its beauty, Philosophers praise it in their words and many common people like me just enjoy the soothing scenery! 😉

I bet the nature’s beauty is so powerful that it can give birth to an artist within us!

I can tell it outta my own experiance…see it made me capture its beauty in a Photograph and praise it as a Philosopher! 🙂

I will personify this scenery as “Old Age of the trees in winter after the Snowfall”! (it would rather sound more rhythmic “Vrukshanchi Vrudhhawastha” in Marathi)

Happy Living 🙂



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